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Our Mission:
To provide opportunities for young people (between 14 and 19) from all backgrounds in the Overberg Region of the Western Cape to develop Life Skills through outdoor experiences that:
  • Develop:
    - awareness of the importance of nature and its
    - skills for camping and a range of related outdoor
    - self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance
    - appreciation of other young people from different
    - cooperative and leadership skills
    - outdoor survival skills
    - healthy lifestyle choices
  • Nurture and inspire interest in future employment or entrepreneurial opportunities in the outdoor lifestyle, tourism and conservation sectors.

Our Developing Vision:

    Current vision
We currently operate on a part-time basis to provide Adventure Camp experiences with a
    family atmosphere, for:

  • Young people, particularly disadvantaged youth, youth placed at risk and youth who
    experience learning or behavioural challenges
  • AND
  • Teachers, parents and caregivers working with these young people

     The outdoor experiences integrate:
        -  Outdoor Camping, Hiking and Water Activities
        -  Basic outdoor First Aid, Fire and Water Safety
        -  Personal, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
        -  Collaborative Team Activities

    Medium - term vision
We aim to operate on a full-time basis to:
     -  Offer Adventure Camps more frequently
     -  Identify and train groups of participants from disadvantaged backgrounds who have
         leadership potential, to become Adventure Camp Co-ordinators.

    Longer-term vision
    To integrate and consolidate the Adventure Camp Programme into a small, private, non-profit,
    camp-style Vocational High School for disadvantaged youth, youth placed at risk, and youth
    who experience learning or behavioural challenges. We envisage a school that will incorporate:

  • A vocational curriculum focused on preparing learners for employment in the outdoor lifestyle, tourism and conservation sectors
  • A Life Skills curriculum that emphasizes:
    - Democratic principles
    - Rights and responsibilities
    - Personal and interpersonal development
    - Respectful, non-violent relationships
    - Inclusivity
    - Diversity
    - Leadership
    - Group and individual potential
    - Environmental conservation
  • An extra-curricular programme that focuses on the practical development of outdoor
    lifestyle skills through sports, outdoor and Adventure Camp activities
  • Boarding facilities
  • A retreat and family counselling facility for parents and caregivers

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